personalize your fall marketing

How to Personalize your Marketing for the Fall

personalize your fall marketing

The Fall is the best time for sales and personalized marketing!

As we approach back to school sales and the holiday season, it is a perfect time to up your marketing game and personalize your marketing for the fall. This tactic increases your conversions and helps build stronger relationships. Here are a few ways to deploy personalization tactics:

1. Make your prospects feel special

There are few sounds that we like as much as the sound of our own name. When you address your prospects personally, you make them see that you care. Pair personally addressed subject lines with hand-picked offerings and specials that perfectly fit your prospects’ preferences and needs. You can also target your messages seasonally and focus on specific events. For instance, a special Thanksgiving greeting where you thank them for being a customer and offer a free gift with purchase is a great way to get a prior customer to come back for a new sale. A welcome Christmas gift can help convert a prospect who has shopped in the past but never made a purchase.

2. Segment for more on-target messages

Your prospects are not all alike. Respect this and benefit from it by segmenting your list to send out personalized offerings. Experiture makes it easy to divide your list by buying history, demographics, social media habits and other factors. By speaking directly to each buyer persona, you are more likely to connect to your prospect and make the sort of offer that appeals to their values and their tastes.

3. Meet them where they are on their sales journey

It takes time for a prospect to move from awareness to decision. By sending different messages throughout the process, you can assure that your prospect gets the right message at the right time. Marketing automation makes it easy to send a series of emails, each created specifically for nurturing your customers through their buying process. One case study showed that a brand that employed drip email campaigns were able to triple their open rate and double their site visits.

4. Know when your prospect is sales ready

By gently nurturing customers over time, you can get a better handle on when they are ready to buy. This allows you to send an unbeatable offer right when they are ready and most likely to respond to your pitch. You can personalize your offer based on what you know of the prospect to increase your chances of winning that sale.

5. Turn customers into brand advocates.

The most effective advocates that your brand has can be its current customers. When you personalize your offerings, your current customers will be able to show their friends and family members how your brand relates to them and their interests. Create a referral program where current customers get discounts or freebies in exchange for sending new customers to your site. Start a contest where customers can create the best promotions for your company based on assets that you send them that are customized to fit their specific tastes. You get the benefit of exposure to new prospects and the added trust that comes from social proof.

As with any marketing strategy, you will need to hone your technique to make personalization work its best for you. By adding these elements to your marketing efforts and carefully tracking the results, you can learn what works and begin building stronger and longer lasting relationships through your personalized marketing campaigns.

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