Paying Dividends with PURLs: Three Campaigns for Consumer Finance Marketing

PURLs and Dynamic Landing Pages from Easypurl are Proven to Boost Response and Conversion for Loan Origination Programs

PURLs and Dynamic Landing Pages from Easypurl are Proven to Boost Response and Conversion for Loan Origination Programs

After many years of woes for Consumer Finance, the forecast is finally changing. Factors such as a rallying market, recovering home prices, and a general growth in consumer optimism are converging — and the market for financial services is finally on the rebound.

Over the last several years, Easypurl has helped consumer finance marketers weather the downturn — and now that competition is beginning to heat up, ever more consumer finance marketers are looking to Easypurl to get an edge. By launching one–to–one marketing initiatives with Personalized URLs and dynamic landing pages in Easypurl, many are finding they can boost responses and conversions for a variety of marketing efforts.

Here are three examples where Easypurl’s multichannel campaign management platform and unified analytics dashboard featuring Personalized URL (PURL) technology can pay dividends for consumer finance marketers.

1. New Loan Origination

Using Personalized URLs (PURLs) in conjunction with landing pages has been proven to dramatically increase response rates for loan origination efforts.

For example, get the attention of a pre-qualified candidate by sending a variable direct-mail piece with an invitation to view a loan or debt consolidation offer on a personalized, dynamic landing page. Seeing their name next to your brand or offer, many recipients will become instantly motivated to respond online. By including a sign-up page to “Learn More” or “Enroll Now,” you can expedite the conversion process — especially when including a form pre-populated with information from your database. Finally, an emailed notification to a loan officer can alert them that someone has indicated interest and can direct the loan officer to contact the recipient directly to initiate the loan process.

With PURLs and dynamic landing pages, the customer can easily see more information and opt-in, while you get total insight into your campaign through our unified analytics dashboard and emailed notifications.

2. Transactional Offers

Promotions included with transactional statements have an unusually high response and conversion rate. Now, you can boost those to even higher levels thanks to the magic of the Personalized URL.

By including transactional promotions that feature a PURL leading to a dynamic landing page, you give recipients an easy way to respond to your offers online. And, with out-of-the-box PURL secure log-on functionality — and our best-in-class data security — you can keep your recipient’s personal financial information safe from prying eyes. Finally, with complete visibility over marketing performance, you can easily streamline your transactional offers and gain priceless insight into behaviors down to the individual level.

3. Skip-A-Pay (Permanent PURLs, Landing Pages & Marketing Automation for Finance)

In our experience, of all consumer finance offers, the “Skip-A-Pay” is among the most enticing to consumers. This type of campaigns offers a lower monthly payment when refinancing for an existing home, auto., or other type of consumer loan. If unable to lower the monthly payment amount, the institution will offer to make a single month’s payment on the existing loan on recipient’s behalf. With nothing to lose, recipients are often motivated to opt-in. With a dynamic landing page pre-populated with a recipient’s contact information and debt data, this could even mean on-the-spot enrollment. Finally, an emailed notification can alert a loan officer that she or he should follow up, and the marketer can easily track and optimize overall performance using our all-in-one unified reports dashboard.

Boom Times with Easypurl

Is your consumer finance marketing in need of a bailout? Or do your response and conversion numbers merely need an injection? Either way, Easypurl can help you, just as we’ve helped hundreds of consumer finance marketers over the years.

Want to learn more? Contact us today to learn how Easypurl technology and solutions can help your financial institution get a better marketing bang for its buck!

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