There’s No Place Like Home: Creating Loyalty Among Guests with PURLs

Enhance Your Guest Loyalty Program with Marketing Automation and Permanent PURLs!

Enhance Your Guest Loyalty Program with Marketing Automation and Permanent

The first rule to understanding the hospitality industry is that there’s no place like home. Marketers at hotels and resorts know that a customer relationship during a visit is like a conversation: the more immersive, detail-oriented and personalized, the better the guest experience.

But what if that conversation didn’t have to end when your guest leaves?

With Easypurl’s marketing solutions that include personalized URLs (PURLs) and dynamic landing pages, it doesn’t have to.

In fact, with a “permanent” PURL that leads recipients to a personalized, dynamic online-concierge page, you can breathe new life into your guest-loyalty program, giving you the lead-conversion rates you want, and giving your guests the sense of luxury and status they crave.

Here are a few ways that Easypurl customers have used our “permanent” personalized URLs and dynamic landing pages to create compelling customer experiences that drive repeat visits.

A Permanent Personalized URL (PURL) for Each Member of your Loyalty Program

As a first step, most loyalty marketers on the Easypurl platform create personalized URLs (PURLs) for each member of their loyalty program. They then incorporate these PURLs into their marketing materials — such as guest-room keys, loyalty-program membership cards, email newsletters and direct-mail pieces, and more — maximizing brand exposure while taking the guest’s experience to new heights.

Moreover, the Personalized URLs used in guest loyalty programs powered by Easypurl are permanent. Permanent Personalized URLs, or Permanent PURLS, do not expire, and are constantly updated with new relevant information that is typically based on information from the hospitality marketer’s database — including loyalty program balances, targeted special offers, visit and purchase histories, surveys and more. Unlike PURLs used in most direct marketing campaigns that feature a limited-life or exploding offer, ‘permanent’ PURLs never expire and can be visited on an unlimited basis.

The Permanent PURL: A Smart, Virtual Concierge

By leveraging Easypurl’s Personalized URL or PURL technology along with your customer database, your guests can each have their own “permanent” personalized concierge page that relays special offers and incentives such as loyalty-program point balances, transaction histories, relevant offers, and more. As guests visit their PURL-based concierge pages and opt into offers, you can view their activity — down to the level of the individual program member — in real time. By investing in permanent PURLs, you can cultivate long-term consumer loyalty and gain unparalleled insight into guests’ behaviors and the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

We’ll Leave the Light On for You — With Automation

Hospitality marketers using PURLs and personalized concierge pages for loyalty-program members can take it a step further with marketing automation. For example, by setting up communication triggers such as PURL log-ins, survey submission, newsletter opens, and other activities, Easypurl can send follow-up emails or SMS messages — ensuring you never miss an opportunity to have relevant communication with your customers. And, with Easypurl‘s precise targeting and segmentation engines, you can leverage your own data points (such as level of on-site retail spending or frequency and length of stays) to plan marketing campaigns intuitively and effectively.

Using marketing automation solutions from Easypurl in this way, you get to keep the conversation going long after your guests check out.

And, if you put it all together, with Easypurl’s permanent personalized URLs (PURLs), dynamic landing pages and marketing automation solutions, you can create the kinds of loyalty programs that make your guests feel at home when they visit again.

To find out how “permanent” PURLs and dynamic landing pages can maximize the effectiveness of your consumer loyalty program, contact us today!

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