Pricing A Cross Media Campaign: BEGIN AT THE END

That’s right, begin at the end – start with the number of leads that the campaign is expected to generate.

It is understandably challenging for a printer to figure out how to price a cross media campaign for the first time. This is because printers have, all these years, based their prices on the cost per piece. That is, they calculated the total cost of materials for each piece of a set, added their margin, and that was their selling price.

A cross media marketing campaign does not exactly fit into that world.

A cross media marketing campaign involves more intangible products and services, and to price one successfully, you need to think about the campaign costs and the possible results that the campaign can achieve.

The variable costs are directly proportional the complexity or richness of the campaign. The fixed costs are lower for recurring campaigns. The expected results determine how the campaign is designed, and so that’s where your pricing strategy begins.

Thinking about the campaign with the expected results in mind will also increase the campaign’s success rate, and that will bring in more business for printers.


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