PURL Pricing: How much do PURLs cost?


As the industry-leading provider of personalized URL or PURL technology to printers, agencies and brands worldwide – the question we most often get from clients is, “How much do PURLs cost?”

When it comes to PURL pricing for our customers – because we generate more PURLs than just about anybody, Easypurl is able to offer competitive “wholesale” PURL prices to our clients.

Of course, integrated marketing campaigns that feature PURLs are more than just about the personalized URLs.  A typical PURL campaign will feature a direct mail piece with a personalized URL and/or QR code, an email broadcast that reinforces the offer on direct mail piece, a personalized landing page, email “thank-you” notifications to respondents, email follow-ups to non-responders – and optionally, SMS or emailed alerts when responses occur.  Throughout, engagement analytics – your direct mail delivery, landing page and email interactions, and so on – should be made available in real-time through an online Reports dashboard.

So with all these components to a PURL campaign, the question shouldn’t be “how much does a PURL cost” – but rather, “how much should you be paying for a PURL campaign?”

Typically, PURL campaigns have the following components (besides the print and postage, of course!):

Campaign Setup.  When setting up a campaign, factors that affect price are the number and complexity of campaign components.  Is there a landing page? An email broadcast?  Email follow-ups to non-responders? Do these emails and landing pages feature complex personalization that includes variable offers, images, or other content?

Campaign setup costs vary greatly – and depend both on complexity and campaign objectives. If a conversion is worth more – setup will cost more.

Reporting Access.  You need access to reports – and so typically, you will pay a monthly (or quarterly) access fee to view real-time reporting.  Pricing depends on the number of reports the company will run and the number of users – and of course, the campaign objectives.

Per-PURL Costs.  Typically, wholesale prices for PURLs range from $0.04 downwards, depending on volume, for PURLs with a 90-day life.  Retail pricing typically starts at $0.04 and ranges upwards, depending on volume and campaign objectives.  Again, there is no magic number here, either – it depends on how the PURLs are being used.

Not sure what you should be charging (or paying for) an upcoming PURL campaign?

At Easypurl, we have launched more than 50,000 PURL campaigns, representing thousands of brands worldwide.  So when it comes to pricing PURL campaigns, we are industry leaders.

Give us a call Today, and we will happily provide a competitive bid for your upcoming project.

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