Integrated Marketing Fails: Inbound SMS Edition

Friday Integrated Marketing Fails

Welcome to our new blog series, “Friday Integrated Marketing Fails”, where we trawl the Internet for examples of questionable integrated marketing campaigns that we think our readers would enjoy.

In this repeating blog feature, we will present integrating marketing fails to thrill, amuse, educate — and also, to reinforce the importance of displaying sense and good taste in your multichannel messaging.

First Up in our Series: Inbound SMS Epic Fail

To introduce this series, we are taking an example from the world of inbound SMS.


Let’s hope this billboard wasn’t responsible for too many accidents along the highway where it was unfortunately placed.  We shudder to think of any injury resulting from distracted motorists viewing the billboard and eagerly responding as they sped along.

Stay tuned for the next in the Integrated Marketing Fail series.  Meantime, we want to hear from you!  Send your examples of integrated marketing fails to with INTEGRATED MARKETING FAIL in the subject line.

Until then — market responsibly!

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