Easypurl announces CrossTOUCH — World’s First App for Cross-Media Engagement


CrossTouch iPad

Put Marketing Results in the palm of your hand with CrossTOUCH!

Easypurl — the world’s leading provider of PURL technology and integrated marketing solutions for direct marketers — today announces the launch of its new mobile app, CrossTOUCH, for cross-media engagement and reporting.

We are pleased to announce the release of CrossTOUCH, the world’s first mobile app for Cross-Media Engagement and Reporting! Our mobile app offering continues to deliver on our promise to help marketers and resellers move past simple direct marketing programs — and deploy cross-channel marketing initiatives that synchronize direct mail efforts with other response channels, including web, email, mobile and social — all from the palm of your hand. CrossTOUCH by Easypurl includes a host of powerful features such as:

  • Refreshed User Interface (UI) – A new, revamped user interface makes the CROSSTouch Reports interface the most user-friendly yet.
  • Instant Notifications – Sales and Marketing professionals can now receive instant notifications via the CrossTOUCH App when recipients engage with their marketing communications.
  • Multichannel Engagement – CrossTOUCH enables marketers to track PURL engagement across mobile, social, SMS, direct mail or email marketing channels.
  • Cross-device Compatibility – CrossTOUCH makes all Easypurl marketing results instantly available on smartphones and tablets running iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile.
  • Faster, More Fluid Reporting – Easypurl created the CrossTOUCH App from the ground up for a seamless and responsive mobile experience, regardless of the speed of the users internet connection.

CrossTOUCH is available in a Beta version for select Easypurl customers. Visit Easypurl today to learn more.

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