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Where the Rubber Meets the Road in Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing


As a direct marketing professional, you’ve likely encountered the notion that direct mail is obsolete. Yet, much like Willie Nelson’s resilience against online rumors, direct mail persists – “still not dead again today.” Contrary to misconceptions, the DMA Statistical Fact Book affirms that direct mail is thriving, especially for data-driven marketers who prioritize personalization and relevance.

The Power of Data-Driven Direct Mail:

While the volume of direct mail may have faced challenges in the past decade, the real game-changer is the increased use of data in direct mail campaigns. Enter Easypurl, where the rubber meets the road in direct mail marketing. Easypurl’s reporting dashboard transforms the theoretical benefits of data-driven marketing into practical, real-world results.

PURLs: The Driving Force:

Easypurl enables marketers to assign Personalized URLs (PURLs) to target prospects in direct mail campaigns. These PURLs direct recipients to personalized landing pages that align with the information provided in the direct mail piece. This dynamic integration of personalization, data-driven reporting, and decision-making allows marketers to analyze tracking features at both campaign and individual levels, across multiple Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Unleashing Data Analytics with Easypurl:

Better data leads to increased optimization and improved ROI on future campaigns. Here’s how Easypurl empowers marketers with comprehensive data analysis:

  1. Campaign Analytics:
  • Breakdown specific responses into web responses, SMS responses, inbound calls, and Business Reply/BR responses.
  • Visualize information through list, pie chart, or graphic representation for quick interpretation.
  1. Web Analytics:
  • Track web visitors and responses resulting from specific direct mailings.
  • Monitor conversions to advance respondents and non-respondents to the next stage of 1-to-1 engagement.
  1. Landing Page Tracking:
  • Analyze total PURL count, PURL visitors, and PURL responses to customized landing pages.
  • Track engagement, understand navigation patterns, and optimize conversion processes.
  1. Survey Analysis:
  • Utilize PURL-based surveys for accurate information collection and verification of in-house databases.
  • View survey results by record, across KPIs, or in total for actionable insights.
  1. Email Tracking:
  • Analyze current email campaigns to ensure proper optimization for future efforts.
  • Examine open and bounce rates, click-throughs, landing page visits, and conversions.
  1. Postal Tracking:
  • Gain transparency on mail deliverability by tracking who receives targeted mail pieces and when.
  • Utilize map-based reporting for detailed campaign analysis.
  1. Inbound SMS Tracking:
  • Enable recipients to respond quickly using SMS-enabled phones.
  • Capture cell phone numbers in real time, analyze SMS keyword responses, and enhance follow-up.
  1. Inbound Call Tracking:
  • Leverage on-demand inbound call reporting for individual calls and response trends.
  • Obtain originating telephone numbers and monitor individual responses through on-demand playback.

Hit the Road with Easypurl:

Easypurl, the creator of Personalized URLs (PURLs), offers a robust dashboard for internal use or as a Private Labeled Reporting Dashboard for client reporting. Our combination of branded reports and an outstanding analytics engine provides real-time insights, making Easypurl the ultimate solution for maximizing optimization and ROI in direct mail campaigns. Visit the Easypurl Website to harness the full potential of analytics in your direct mail strategies.

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