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Direct Mail Marketing

Where the Rubber Meets the Road in Direct Mail Marketing

  As a direct marketing professional, you’ve likely encountered the notion that direct mail is obsolete. Yet, much like Willie Nelson’s resilience against online rumors, Read More >

Direct Mail Marketing

5 ways to improve your Direct Mail Marketing ROI

When people speak about marketing in the modern age, digital strategies — particularly those with inbound marketing — tend to take center stage. That does not mean, however, Read More >

PURLs in Non-profit Fundraising

Create Compelling Nonprofit Landing Pages With Easypurl!

We’ve already covered how personalized URLs (PURLs) and landing pages help nonprofits meet fundraising goals, but there are other ways you can harness your supporter base using Easypurl’s dynamic landing pages.

Our ready-made, customizable templates can not only make your outreach efforts impactful, but also personal. Read More >