8 Fundamental Principles for Astonishing Direct Marketing Success

8 Fundamental Principles for Astonishing Direct Marketing Success

Principles of Direct Marketing

While the purpose of direct marketing is to identify, contact and motivate members of a primary purchasing demographic, there is little industry agreement on how to reach these goals. To increase understanding of this vital topic, Easypurl presents eight fundamental principles for astonishing direct marketing success:

1. Know the objective: Many direct marketing campaigns are implemented without a clear idea of what they are intended to accomplish. Should the campaign generate qualified sales prospects, motivate initial or repeat sales, or create referrals?

2. Understand the audience: Too many unsuccessful marketing strategies are implemented without a clear understanding of the audience’s needs. A landing page for an automobile dealership that delivers a personal experience with a specific car model in mind can boost lead generation rates by 30 % or more.

3. Timing is everything: A Mother’s Day promotion that runs in June, or a Back-to-School sale in January, will fail as quickly as a recruitment effort that starts two days before the application deadline. Hospitality chains can utilize personalized marketing to present unique offers that drive recurring revenue based on data collected from past visits.

4. Focus the copy: Content must fulfill the recipients’ WIIFMs (What’s In It For Me?), and provide motivation to take action such as make a purchase, visit a website, download a mobile app, call for further information, or go to a retail location.

5. Make it personal: In an age of mass marketing, it is the personal message that really stands out. Consumers want to be valued as individuals. Casinos and gaming groups use personalized one-to-one marketing featuring PURLs and dynamic landing pages to present unique offers through directed loyalty programs.

6. Be consistent: The target audience needs to see the same message in a variety of ways through a well-coordinated, multi-channel communication approach.

7. Make the purchase experience easy: The marketing team must assure that all possible consumer actions are known throughout all possible contact points. Front line personnel need to be trained on a product’s features and benefits, retail locations must prominently display promoted products, and call centers must be ready for incoming queries. Both laptop/desktop and mobile websites need to prominently display the promotion right on the landing page.

8. Measure, massage and move on: All direct marketing campaigns should include some type of lead management tracking analytics to assess what does or does not work, and to guide successive stages of the campaign.

By implementing these rules, companies can build solid customer relationships for life, and not just one-stop purchases. Visit our Easypurl website or contact us today at 1-866-463-7671 or info@Easypurl.com to learn more about the power of direct marketing.

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