QR Codes in the Wild! McDonalds McCafe; Hollywood Continues Love Affair with QR Codes

Two codes spotted in real life this morning! The first one was spotted on the L train on the way to Brooklyn. very interesting campaign. It turns out one of the world’s biggest marketers, McDonald’s, is using JAGTAGs to promote their new gourmet coffee offering named ‘McCafe.’

Here’s how it looked on the subway station’s wall:

A JAGTAG, in case you’ve never seen one before, looks like this image here on the left. Like a QR code, a JAGTAG requires you to take a picture of of the image using a camera phone to get it to work. However, unlike with a QR Code JAGTAGs do not require a specialized reader App to make them work. All you need to do is send your JAGTAG picture by MMS to the JAGTAG server.

Once received, it will send you (via SMS or MMS) whatever information is linked to that JAGTAG – an image, URL, video, whatever! What’s interesting about JAGTAGs is that you don’t need a smartphone or an Internet connection for them to work – just a phone that can take pictures and send text messages! However,none of these codes work when you’re underground (ie, riding the subway)… so I don’t see how many people would be able to participate in this campaign while commuting to work in NYC.

Code number 2… A movie poster for the upcoming moving The Adjustment Bureau. I have to admit though that Matt Damon got my attention before the QR code did. However, scanning the code, located next to the movie rating, takes you directly to the movie’s mobile website.

Anyway, being underground, the code read but couldn’t get me online until I resurfaced a few stops later in W’burg.

The poster:

Up close:

On a side-note, Hollywood is really getting into the QR Code game lately! Have you seen any posters lately with a QR code? What do you think of JAGTAGs?

Let us know in the comments!

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