Extra! Extra! 5-Part Playbook Series Coming Soon!

newspaper-23418_640We’re excited to announce an upcoming five-part “Playbook” series detailing industry-specific marketing solutions using Easypurl software and solutions.

Titles will include:

  1. Direct-Marketing Playbook: Using PURLs for Market Research
  2. Internal-Marketing Playbook: Recruiting High-Value Employees with PURLs
  3. Operations Playbook:  Using PURLs to Measure Operational Efficiency
  4. Travel-Marketing Playbook: Using PURLs to Bypass OTAs and Capture Direct Bookings
  5. Higher-Education Marketing Playbook: Using PURLs to Application Collection & Review

Easypurl provides integrated, one-to-one marketing solutions across various sectors and industries – including retail, nonprofit, entertainment, market research, healthcare, tech, and travel (see our Client List for more). These step-by-step guides will walk you through marketing strategies that use Personalized URLs (PURLs) to optimize your efficiency, reach, and overall impact.

Stay tuned!

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