Ultimate Direct Marketing Wish List

Nobody’s marketing plan is bulletproof. There are always things we could improve upon. That’s why we’ve developed a list of “must-haves” you should include in your direct marketing wish list this holiday season.

  • Personalized Automated Communication Across Channels

Personalization is key to creating 1:1 integrated marketing experiences. By addressing your targets by name, you will drive long-lasting conversations and inevitably, ongoing relationships. A simple way to do this is to add personalized URLs (PURLs) to your marketing strategy. You can place PURLs on email, print, social and direct mail campaigns to reach your targets across channels. This way, each targets has a personalized “home”, or landing page, on the Web and will be more likely to visit more often. Plus automating your personalized communications is super easy with Easypurl’s advanced marketing automation

  • Top-notch Reporting and Analytics
wish list

Easypurl can help you make your direct marketing wishlist a reality in 2014!

What’s the point of collecting data if you’re not going to use it to craft a more intelligent marketing plan? The more scrupulous you are with your data, the more data you have to optimize and thus improve ROI for future campaigns. Understanding and harmonizing this data creates real efficiencies and cost-savings, which is why direct marketers have become some the most advanced analytics experts of any industry.

  • Lead-capturing copy and creative

The power of impactful copy is evident in successful one-to-one campaigns – you cannot deny that in most cases, copy does the heavy lifting. That’s why crafting on-brand creative with a strong call to action is vital to a fruitful campaign. The messages and images should be clear, conscience and on-point and ultimately drive the target to take action.

  • Easy Contact Management

Capturing leads is one thing, but coming up with a system to manage them is an entirely different beast. Having a fully-integrated CRM system will allow you to easily access profiles to maximize your marketing initiatives. By being able to precisely segment groups of Targets, you can leverage powerful trigger–based marketing automation to reach them with relevant messaging, at the right place, at the right time.

  • Robust Social-media Outreach

Social media and direct marketing are a match made in heaven! Reaching your targets through social media channels with shareable personalized content is a fast and easy way to influence a broad audience on a non-threatening or pushy level. Who are you more likely to listen to, a faceless company or a friend?

No matter what your approach is, Easypurl offers easy-to-use tools to make your holiday wishlist a reality.

To learn more about bolstering your direct marketing program in 2014, request a free trial today!


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