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Why Personalization is Key in Education Marketing

Personalization can help your education-marketing efforts make the grade. Here’s why. Read More >

Extra! Extra! 5-Part Playbook Series Coming Soon!

We’re excited to announce an upcoming five-part “Playbook” series detailing industry-specific marketing solutions using Easypurl software and solutions. Titles will include: Direct-Marketing Playbook: Using PURLs Read More >

SWOT Analysis Of Direct Mail

A  SWOT analysis breaks down the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats facing an industry or organization. Strengths and weaknesses are inherent to direct mail. Opportunities Read More >

Web-To-Print Or PURLs?

What is the better way to upgrade your business – move-up to Web-to-print, or add cross-media services? Decisions, decisions. Let’s see if we can help. Read More >