Web-To-Print Or PURLs?

What is the better way to upgrade your business – move-up to Web-to-print, or add cross-media services?

Decisions, decisions. Let’s see if we can help.

You have ask yourself why you are upgrading your business. If it is to build better customer relationships and increase margins, Web-to-print can help you do that. But, if your goal is to increase sales and drive-up revenue, cross-media tools are what you need.

Here’s why.

Web-to-print helps streamline your ordering process and the time spent on each order. It makes it easier for your customers to do business with you. But, it has a long set-up period. It takes substantial time and effort to set up individual storefronts for each customer and train them to use the system. This means it can take months and even years to start seeing any ROI.

A PURL is a customer acquisition tool. It is used to drive new sales, quickly. It is a stand-alone feature that generates ROI within weeks. While web-to-print is a feel-good feature that makes your current customers happier, PURLs are aggressive sales and marketing tools that generate sales.

Ideally, progressive companies will ultimately have both Web-to-print and cross-media tools. It’s just a question of which one first.

You’re totally welcome.


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