Boost Your Marketing Efficiency With Target Segmentation!


Easypurl’s dashboard makes audience segmentation easy for effective marketing and increased sales.

The larger your audience, the more pronounced differences between individual targets can become.

An easy way to lose customers is to speak to all of them the same way about the same things.

But audience segmentation — a hallmark of the Easypurl platform — is a great escape from this kind of marketing mayhem.

Audience segmentation is the process of taking a large, seemingly homogenous group of targets and breaking it down into better-defined segments based on categories such as geography, income or consumer preference. This allows marketers to craft finely tailored campaigns to different segments in order to make their marketing communications more efficient and effective, and to maximize marketing ROI.

Let’s say your brand is beach commodities and you have 80,000 people across the nation in your market, with hot spots in Florida and Kentucky. Market research has taught you that Floridians may hit the beach regularly on weekends throughout the much of the year, while your Kentucky contingent’s beach visits are mainly relegated to the summer.

With Easypurl’s target-segmentation capability, you can use a location-based filter to ensure that your email campaign advertising new towels and beach toys only reaches the Kentucky bunch, and reach Floridians with a more lifestyle-based campaign later on. In this way, you can achieve maximum marketing efficiency and effectiveness with minimum effort.

Market segmentation is the key to effective marketing and increased sales. The more defined your customer segments are, the more refined and relevant your marketing strategy will be.

To learn more about Easypurl’s integrated-marketing powers — including audience segmentation, personalized URLs (PURLs), dynamic landing pages and more — sign up for a free trial today!

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